Married Couple Go On Trial in Germany Accused of Spying for Russia for 25 Years

A married couple accused of spying on Germany for 25 years for their Russian paymasters went on trial today in a case that could lead directly to Vladimir Putin’s door.

Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag began their snooping career in the same city, Dresden, where Putin was posted for the KGB. 

The duo are accused of first feeding information about West Germany to the former Soviet Union, then the reunited land to the Russian Republic.

The espionage agents for Moscow operated under the radar of the intelligence services sending back their reports to their handlers via a radio code. 

‘The accused had the task of gathering information about the political and military strategy of the EU and NATO as well as security-relevant political aspects of relations between Germany, the EU and NATO to Russia,’ said Germany’s prosecutor’s office.

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