In Memory Of Glenn Howard Whidden (1928-2011)

Beloved Husband, Father, Mentor & Friend



On Thursday, November 24, 2011; Glenn H. Whidden, 28 year veteran of The Central Intelligence Agency, Founder and President of The Espionage Research Institute (ERI), Passed this life.

BACKGROUND: Twenty-eight-year CIA veteran, retired 1974. Operated in 72 countries worldwide.

Field experience in most types of espionage activity, including mail intercepts, surreptitious entry, electronic eavesdropping and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

EDUCATION: Self-taught electrical engineer, government training in clandestine operations.

MOST INTRIGUING ASSIGNMENT: A few years ago Whidden returned to his former haunt, Moscow, to sweep the offices of a private business. He managed to ferret out a phone line bug, even though he worried — unnecessarily, as it turned out — that the eavesdroppers might be onto him. His host, in a misguided attempt at courtesy, had hired for Whidden a Russian driver, the sort who in the old days informed on tourists for the KGB.

OCCUPATION: TSCM, Whidden, Glenn H., Aurthor, The Ear: Volume I, II, III  The prestigious Technical Services Agency – Institute for Countermeasures Studies and Glenn Whidden (CIA-ret); Founder and Director of ERI.

President of Technical Services Agency Inc., a private firm that designs and markets electronic equipment for eavesdropping detection.

INSTRUCTOR: Institute For Countermeasures Studies (ICS), Implimented (Along with Dr. Norman R. Bottom) The Certified Counterespionage Information Security Management Certification (CCISM).

Holder of five U.S. patents. Part-time instructor, World Institute of Security Enhancement, Greensboro, N.C. Author of A Guidebook for the Beginning Sweeper; The Russian Eavesdropping Threat — Late 1993; The Attack on Axnan Headquarters; and five other books on the subject of countereavesdropping.

Coined the motto for ERI: “The Biggest Mistake That We Can Make Would Be To Miss the Changes”.

Glenn will be dearly missed as we continue to strive fullfill his desire to “stop the bad guys”.

BBC productions video series, The Spying Game – “Walls Have Ears” which includes interviews with Glenn Whidden covering espionage and wiretapping tradecraft during the Cold War.

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