11 Feb: JOHN C. PLATT III. Rest in Peace Cowboy

JOHN C. PLATT III. REST IN PEACE COWBOY Potomac Falls, VA - John Cheney Platt III (Jack), aged 80, died unexpectedly on January 4, 2017 of advanced esophageal cancer. Jack, also known as "Cowboy," served proudly as an officer in the United States Marine Corps followed by 25 years of service in the Central Intelligence Agency. He led a life full of intrigue, mystery and adventure serving his country abroad in Austria, Laos and France. He was a natural leader, a mentor to many, and did not suffer fools lightly.  After retiring from the CIA, he formed the Hamilton Trading Group partnership that allowed him to continue training others on security awareness measures to protect themselves in a dangerous new world. He spent his last few years traveling widely with his wife and friends.  Mr. Platt, who was known as Jack, was a gruff former...

22 Jan: Hackers Could Secretly Tap Into Corporate Meetings

Hackers Could Secretly Tap Into Corporate Meetings Lots of companies -- and even the White House -- use a conference calling system that could possibly be tapped by hackers, according to new research. On Thursday, cybersecurity experts at SEC Consult revealed a secret doorway that's built into a popular conference calling product built by a company called AMX. AMX makes tablet panels used to control conference calls for businesses, government agencies and universities. The company hard-coded backdoor access into its system. AMX created a "secret account" with a permanent username and password, which means a hacker who already sneaked into a computer network could tap into actual meetings, if the hacker knew the backdoor access code. It's a glaring security hole. Read More Here.  

09 Feb: Hackers Access Records for Millions of Anthem Customers

Hackers Access Records For Millions of Anthem Customers INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Hackers broke into a health insurance database storing information for about 80 million people in an attack bound to stoke fears many Americans have about the privacy of their most sensitive information. The attack on Blue Cross Blue Shield insurer Anthem could be a sign that hackers have shifted their focus away from retailers and toward other targets, cybersecurity experts say. The nation's second-largest insurer said it has yet to find any evidence that medical information like insurance claims or test results was targeted or taken in a "very sophisticated" cyberattack that it discovered last week. It also said credit card information wasn't compromised, either. But the hackers did gain access to names, birthdates, email address, employment details, Social Security numbers, incomes and street addresses of people who are currently covered or...

19 Jan: Who is Bugging Prezza? John Prescott Baffled After Finding a Tracking Device Hidden in His Jaguar

Who Is Bugging Prezza? John Prescott has launched an investigation into who has been bugging his beloved Jaguar.The former Deputy PM, dubbed 'Two Jags' for his love of the luxury model, was stunned to discover a tracker device planted under the driver's seat. The device also has a built-in microphone which means it could have been recording all of the Labour heavyweight's conversations. Lord Prescott has owned the car for several years but the bug was only discovered after he had problems starting it. He took it to a local garage and mechanics unearthed the 6-inch black box under the driver's seat. It uses mobile phone technology through a built-in SIM card to keep track of the car's every move. The 76-year-old told the Sunday Mirror: 'I've been told that whoever knows the SIM card that goes with the tracker can send out...

02 Dec: iPhone Spying: Russian Lawmakers Mull Parliamentary Alert

iPhone Spying: Russian Lawmakers Mull Parliamentary Alert Russian lawmakers having access to confidential information may be recommended no to use iPhones in their work and to switch to simple mobile phones using them only for phone calls. MOSCOW, December 2. /TASS/. Lawmakers from Russia's parliamentary lower house may be advised not to use iPhones over concerns that communications gadgets made abroad may not be secure. Instead, they would be urged to use the most basic mobile telephones. New law is being drafted to be submitted to Russia's parliament in coming days, Dmitry Gorovtsov, a State Duma deputy from the Just Russia political party, told TASS on Tuesday. Read more here.