Held: September 2013, Embassy Suites Dulles Airport in Herndon, Virginia USA.

We had the highest member attendance ever at this year’s conference! In total, 14 countries were represented.

This year’s ERII conference was a special event indeed! I believe it marks the first time in ERI history that we had the privilege of hearing from a once active KGB counterintelligence officer.

Gennady Vasilenko (Left) J.D. LeaSure, Director ERIIOur Keynote speaker: Mr. Gennady S. Vasilenko shared a riveting story of his life as a KGB counterintelligence officer, and his ultimate betrayal and arrest.  His grueling time spent in Lefortavo prison. And his old friend and colleague former CIA Officer Jack Platt, requesting his inclusion in the “Illegals Program”, as it was called by the United States Department of Justice, was a network of Russian sleeper agents under non-official cover whose investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) culminated in the arrest of ten agents and a prisoner swap between Russia and the United States on July 9, 2010. That also included Anna Chapman.

We also heard from the infamous former CIA Officer Jack Platt, and how he helped to bring his old friend back to his new home in the United States. A job well done, indeed.

It was an honor to have you both share your story with us. Thank You.

ERII Counterespionage Conference attendees also had the pleasure of three days of excellent presentations from ERII Members and vendors that included:


“Covert Audio Technical Surveillance” – Burst & TMVWB Systems. By Alain-Pierre LACLOTTE, LJM Tech Support

“Practical NLJD Evaluation, Comparisons, Findings and Recommendations”. By Steve Whitehead, President – Eavesdropping Detection Solutions – CBIA – BECSA

Presentation by: Berkeley Varitronics Systems.
By Scott Schober, President and Carmine Caferra, Sales Manager

“Cyber Counterintelligence” By Jarrett Kolthoff, President – SpearTip

“Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring”
By Paul Turner, Director – Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.



Keynote Day Two: “Global Espionage and Terrorism” By David Major, President. C.I. Centre

“Wireless MAC Address Interception & Tracking”. By Jeff Evert, President. Arizona Technical Security

“GSM Cellular Eavesdropping and Detection” & “Searchlight Demo” By Jason Dibley, Technical Director – QCC Interscan, Ltd.

“Cellebrite Mobile Forensics”. By Richard Wejnert, Director of Forensic Sales and Lee Papathanasious

“Audio Visual Equipment Vulnerabilities”
By Paul Turner, Director – Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.

“Wi-Fi discovery and locating, Fluke AirCheck device” By Charles Patterson, President – Patterson Communications, Inc.

By Lee Jones, Director of Sales – Research Electronics International

“Bluetooth Microphone Systems” By Steve Whitehead, President – Eavesdropping Detection Solutions – CBIA – BECSA



A TSCM Workshop: “Kestrel TSCM Professional Software – Operational Deployment” By Paul Turner, Director – Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.


The presentations were fresh, informative and excellent! Bravo to all presenters and vendors!

Copies of all 2013 ERII Counterespionage Conference presentations will be uploaded to the member portal at www.ERII.org, as the presenters make them available.

A special “Thank You” to all of those who worked behind the scenes to make this years ERII Conference a success!


J.D. LeaSure, Director

Espionage Research Institute International