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J.D. LeaSure

ERII Membership Type:

ERII Director, ERII Advisory Board Member & ERII Full Member



State, Province, Country:

Virginia, USA





TSCM Experience:

J.D. LeaSure is a Counterespionage Specialist who has been active within the counterintelligence, counterterrorism and TSCM fields for 27 years. He has extensive training, knowledge and experience in the identification of eavesdropping devices, espionage detection methods and the intelligence collection tactics most often employed by perpetrators of electronic espionage.

Mr. LeaSure is the President & CEO of ComSec, LLC, a world-class TSCM service provider in the US and globally. ComSec provides technical surveillance countermeasures services to businesses ranging in size from fortune 100 to small businesses. ComSec also provides TSCM services to government agencies, government contractors, diplomats, dignitaries, non-profits, executives, VIPs and select private individuals. Services include corporate espionage investigations, eavesdropping detection services, in-conference monitoring, new construction TSCM services, as well as aircraft and pleasure craft sweeps. Mr. LeaSure and his team have traveled the globe to provide counterespionage services. Mr. LeaSure is also a published author and presenter on corporate espionage, counter surveillance, eavesdropping detection and Cyber TSCM.

J.D. LeaSure is also the Director of the Espionage Research Institute International (ERII), a worldwide organization on TSCM, counterintelligence and counterespionage professionals. The mission of the Espionage Research Institute International is to educate and advance best practices in the counterespionage / counterintelligence, and TSCM community through excellence, applied learning, and research that examines issues of strategic importance to the sector.

Special Projects Consultant at Genesis Group – Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA)

Special Projects Consultant at Department of Defense (DOD).


Education & Training:

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM), Professional Development TSCM Group

KESTREL TSCM PRO Certified Technical Operator Field Of Study Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Professional Development TSCM Group

Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM), Professional Development TSCM Group

OSCOR Radio Frequency Analysis,  Research Electronics International

DTC-110: Digital Telephony Course, Research Electronics International

DTC-210 Digital Telephony Course, Research Electronics International 

CCME-Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner, Cellebrite


Institute For Countermeasure Studies (Technical Services Agency) 1996 – 2011:

CCISM Certification (Certified Counterespionage Information Security Management Certification), Technical Services Agency
101-1: Electric Power
101-2: Telephone-The Basics
101-3: The Telephone as an Eavesdropping Device
101-4: Wireless Transmission
101-5: Path Losses
101-6: Radio Receivers-Introduction
101-7: Receivers-Selectivity
101-8: Acoustics
101-9: Microphones
101-10: Hot Mike Telephones
101-11: Hot Mike Telephones-Continued
101-12: Search Techniques
102-1: Carrier Current Techniques
102-2: The Non-Linear Junction Detector
102-3: Line Leakage Measurements
102-4: A.C. Line Leakage Measurements
102-5: Telephone Instrument Tests
102-6: Telephone Instrument Tests-Continued
102-7: Acoustic Rangefinding
102-8: Radio Receiver Operation
102-9: Signal Analysis
102-10: Signal Analysis-Continued
102-11: Spread Spectrum DS-Threat Model 11
102-12: Eavesdropping Defenses
103-2: The Sweep Sequence
103-3: Recognizing The Quick Plant Threat
103-4: Time Domain Reflectometry
103-5: Operations-*Classified
103-6: Operations-*Classified
103-7: Operations-*Classified
103-8: The Critique
103-9: Critique-Part-2
103:10: Critique 2-Continued
103-11: Critique – Redesign
103-12: Redesign – Continued

ITC-Level 1, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ITC-Level 2, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing


Trade Organizations & Memberships:

ERII – Espionage Research Institute International (Director)

TSCMi – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute (Full Member)

Association Of Old Crows

        NDIA – National Defense Industrial Association





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