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Charles Patterson


ERII Membership Type:

Full Member & Advisory Board Member



State, Province, Country:

New York, USA





TSCM Experience:

I have been a full time provider of TSCM sweeps since starting my company in 1995, based in NY but available throughout the US and the world. My personal background in security, prior to starting in TSCM, was in executive protection from 1978 to 1995. Much of my activity centered on technical support during those years. I managed security radio equipment, CCTV systems, perimeter protection, telecom equipment, and some audio-visual systems as well. During that time I assisted in TSCM sweeps being performed by a variety of individuals and realized that often they were not doing a very good job, mostly due to poor knowledge of the technical matters and sometimes due to not understanding the threats. That peaked my interest in the field.

In 1995 I attended TSCM training at Jarvis International, a TSCM school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, taught by former CIA operative Ray Jarvis. I decided to start my own company specializing in TSCM that year. I have been active in ERII, Espionage Research Institute International, and it’s predecessors, ERI and BECCA, Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures Association since their founding by Glenn Whidden in 1998.


Education & Training:

Research Electronics International, Cookeville, TN
Jarvis International, Tulsa, OK
Siemens PBX training
Panasonic PBX and Voicemail System training
Amateur Radio Licensee since 1967.
Abundant education through ERII conferences!
School of Hard Knocks masters program


 Trade Organizations & Memberships:

ASIS, Westchester Chapter 35, Chairman
ERII, Advisory Board


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