Whether you missed a past ERII Counterespionage Conference or you just want to learn more about the TSCM field, we encourage you to purchase ERII Counterespionage Conference videos.

Each year at ERII’s Annual Counterespionage Conference, TSCM, counterintelligence and counter espionage professionals share their knowledge and expertise, as well as the latest news and information of interest to the sector. ERII conference sponsors & exhibitors also share their latest TSCM and counter eavesdropping equipment and services. ERII conference videos include these presentations. You can learn about carrier current spectrum analyzers, cellular telephone detectors, Ethernet wiring compromises, new Laser surveillance technology, new counter eavesdropping inspection and testing techniques, and more, much more.

Watch the videos and learn from some of the brightest and best TSCM, counterintelligence and counter espionage professionals in the world.

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The information in the ERII Conference Videos include detailed information that’s not available from books, magazines or any government agency. Conference presentations deal with up-to-the-minute current affairs, operational techniques, progress & problems in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Information Security and Counterintelligence Security issues.

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