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Espionage Research Institute International

2016 ERII Conference

Espionage Research Institute International (ERII)

2016 Counterespionage Conference 

September 9-11, 2016 at Embassy Suites Old Town Alexandria, VA

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The Espionage Research Institute International, and its Advisory Board, extend a sincere thank you to all conference attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. Your support of ERII's mission, ERII's aims and your continued quest for excellence in the fields of TSCM, counterintelligence and counterespionage are appreciated. Thank you!


Conference Highlights:

2016 Glenn H. Whidden Award for Excellence "Best Conference Presentation"

Congratulations to co-winners Tim Johnson and Ivy Thomas!

 Best Presentation 2016 ERII Conference

Tim Johnson (L) won the award for his presentation "TSCM: Then & Now; Advances in TSCM". Ivy Thomas's (R) presentation gave ERII conference attendees a glimpse into the world of hacking. 


2016 ERII Glenn H. Whidden Award for Best New Equipment

Congratulations to Research Electronics International (REI) and the ANDRE! 

 Best New TSCM Equipment REI Winner

Pictured are ERII's Director, J.D. Leasure (L) presenting the award to Lee Jones (R) of Research Electronics International (REI). Mr. Jones accepted the award on REI's behalf for the ANDRE broadband receiver.


New ERII Advisory Board Member Appointment

Congratulations to E. Westergaard  Nielsen!

E. Westergaard  Nielsen was apppointed to ERII's Advisory Board. Mr. Neilsen's contributions to ERII and the TSCM community are both noteworthy and extensive. Mr. Nielsen is the President/Chief Inspector & Principle Engineer of TSCM Corporation.


Pictured are E. Westergaard  Nielsen (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R). 


Thank you to the 2016 ERII Conference Sponsor and Exhibiitors!


Conference Sponsor: Research Electronics International (REI) 

Research Electronics International 2016 ERII Conference Exhibitor 

Pictured is Lee Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing, Research Electronics International (REI).


Exhibitor: Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. (PDTG)

PDTG also provided two Kestrel TSCM software training classes prior to the conference (09/6-8/2016). 

 PDTG 2016 ERII Conference Exhibitor

Pictured are Andrzej Wolczanski (L) Technical Security Specilaist and Paul D. Turner (R) Corporate Director of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.


Exhibitor: USA BugSweeps.com Inc.

USA Bugsweeps 2016 ERII Conference Exhibitor 

Pictured is Jimme N. Mesis, CEO of USABugSweeps Inc.


Exhibitor: Berkely Varitronics Systems (BVS)

Berkely Varitronics Systems 2016 ERII Conference Exhibitor

Pictured is Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.'s Booth.


Exhibitor: Vector Technologies LLC.

Vector Technologies 2016 ERII Conference Exhibitor

Pictured are Jose Bouza (L), VP of Engineering and Amy Bouza (R), Vector Technologies Inc.


2016 ERII Conference Speakers:


David Major, FBI Retired and Founder/President, CI Centre.

David Major 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are David Major (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


Jarrett Kolthoff, CISSP and president/CEO of SpearTip.

Jarrett Kolthoff 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (L) and Jarrett Kolthoff (R).


Paul Turner (TSS, TSI) Corporate Director of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.

 Paul Turner 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are Paul Turner (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


Jason M. Dibley, Director QCC Global Ltd.     

Jason Dibley 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are Jason Dibley (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


Charles Patterson, President of Exec Security TSCM.

Charles Patterson 2016 ERIiI Conference Speaker

Pictured are Charles Patterson (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's  Director (R). 


Tim Johnson (Retired) and Recipient of ERII/Glenn H. Whidden Lifetime Achievement Award. 

 Tim Johnson 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are Tim Johnson (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


John B. Minor, CCE CSA CSE, Communications Expert.

John B Minor 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are John B. Minor (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


Aaron Williams, Managing Member, Avisius, LLC.

Aaron Williams 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are Aaron Williams (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).


John Johnson, CISSP, MS.

John Johnson 2016 ERII Conference Speaker

Pictured are John Johnson (L) and J.D. LeaSure, ERII's Director (R).



REI Training Certificate Winners!

REI graciously awarded a certificate for an REI training class to two ERII Conference attendees. 

Pictured are the winners, George Sokos (L) and John Johnson (R).

ERII News:


CCISM Program:

The Certified Counterespionage Information Security Manager (CCISM) Certification program will be available to ERII members beginning in January, 2017 via the Learning Mananagement System (LMS). Details about the program were discussed and the CCISM logo was unveiled. Information about the certification will be sent to ERII members as it becomes available. Other interested parties may contact Lisa Leasure via email (lml@erii.org) for additional information about the CCISM certification program.


ERII Website:

ERII's website will be updated in February, 2017 to provide additional functionaility, including automatic notification of membership expiration/renewal. Each ERII member will also have the option to have a unique member page listing their credentials, including CCISM certification (as applicable). This will provide a verification mechanism for colleagues and clients alike to verify ERII membership and CCISM certification. 

Also, ERII membership will be offered for a one-year or two-year term beginning in October, 2016. Two year memberships will be offered at $25 discount in comparison with two seperate one-year memberships. Also beginning in October, 2016, the membership renewal term will be based on the ERII join date, effectively removing the annual October 1st renewal date for all members. 


About The ERII Counterespionage Conference:

TSCM professionals from across the globe meet each year to discuss counter espionage news and events, see demonstrations of new TSCM equipment and network with colleagues. The ERII Conference experience includes presentations by top experts in the fields of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Counterintelligence Counterespionage, Cyber Countermeasures, Equipment Vendors and More.


To learn more about ERII visit: http://www.erii.org/About%20Us

For membership information, please visit: http://www.erii.org/membership 




Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is pleased to confirm that the 12th annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) dates and venue have been confirmed at the NAV CENTRE located in Cornwall Ontario, Canada from Tuesday April 25, 2017 to Thursday April 27, 2017.

Registration for presenters, exhibitors and participants is now open for this not to missed 3-day Canadian Technical Security (TSEC) event.

Link: http://www.ctsc-canada.com/

Potomac Falls, VA - John Cheney Platt III (Jack), aged 80, died unexpectedly on January 4, 2017 of advanced esophageal cancer. Jack, also known as "Cowboy," served proudly as an officer in the United States Marine Corps followed by 25 years of service in the Central Intelligence Agency. He led a life full of intrigue, mystery and adventure serving his country abroad in Austria, Laos and France.

2016 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2016 Conference Sponsors

(Evening Reception Sponsor 09/09/2016)

Manufacturers of the ORION 2.4 HX NLJD; VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera; OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer; TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer.

2016 Conference Exhibitors


Developers of Kestrel TSCM Professional Software and providers of Technical Security Specialist Training.

USA Bugsweeps


USA Bugsweeps.com introduces a national advertising co-operative program to share national leads developed by radio and print advertising with protected territories.

BV Systems


BVS designs and manufactures wireless cell phone detection devices for TSCM, law enforcement, government and military security personnel around the world. 


Vector Tech

Elite TSCM Services and Secure Mobile Device Storage Solutions.


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