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 Espionage Research Institute International


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The membership of ERII consists of counterespionage/counterintelligence professionals, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) practitioners, business and corporate executives who have security responsibilities, as well as newcomers to the profession.


“Technical Surveillance Counter Measures” is the industry term for security work that includes debugging sweeps, wiretap detection, and related countersurveillance activities.


The purpose of TSCM is to help businesses and individuals protect themselves from unauthorized and illegal spying activities. One of the main functions of ERII is to help maintain high ethical standards in the counterespionage/counterintelligence and TSCM field.


ERII is an exclusive organization. Those interested in joining should review the ERII Code of ethics and may contact ERII for further information.




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Register Now For The 2016 ERII Counterespionage Conference!  







2016 Espionage Research Institute International Counterespionage Conference 


Join us for the annual ERII Counterespionage Conference September 9, 10 & 11th 2016 at the Embassy Suites - Old Town Alexandria, VA 22314.  

Lots of companies -- and even the White House -- use a conference calling system that could possibly be tapped by hackers, according to new research.

On Thursday, cybersecurity experts at SEC Consult revealed a secret doorway that's built into a popular conference calling product built by a company called AMX.

AMX makes tablet panels used to control conference calls for businesses, government agencies and universities.

2015 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2015 Conference Sponsors

Dinner Sponsor (09/25/2015)

Manufacturers of the Orion 2.4 HX NJD; VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera and OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzers.

2015 Conference Exhibitors


Developers of Kestrel TSCM Professional Software and providers of Technical Security Specialist Training.


Manufacturers of wireless threat detection products and solutions.


CRFS is the leading supplier of wideband RF spectrum monitoring and signals intelligence systems.



FLIR Systems, the world leader in commercial thermal imaging technology, will be demonstrating its specialized infrared camera solutions for TSCM applications at ERII 2015. Visit the FLIR booth to see firsthand what these amazing cameras help uncover.




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